10 Reasons to Get Married at The Bellevue Hotel

  • Weddings at The Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia

    Bellevue Hotel weddings occur in the heart Philadelphia. This glorious hotel is a luxurious blend of early twentieth century America and modern sophistication. Couples seeking a first-class wedding experience will find everything they need at the Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia. We are a team of Philadelphia wedding photographers with decades of experience at The Bellevue Hotel. Our studio is collaborating with Lisa McGraw, the Bellevue’s senior event sales manager, to compile a list of honest reasons to get married at this glamorous venue. We hope this list demonstrates how the Bellevue Hotel can make your dreams come true.
  • 1. “Get Married in the Heart of the City” – Phil Kramer

    Hosting a dream wedding in the heart of Philadelphia connects you to the bustling city life. At the iconic Bellevue Hotel wedding venue, the couple is the center of attention. The Bellevue stands along Broad Street. At ½ of a mile from City Hall, its distance offers the perfect depth-of-field for an epic City Hall wedding photo. Broad Street drivers beep their horns as you lean in for the kiss! Capturing this famous photograph is an opulent way to tie the knot in Philly. The night is yours at the Bellevue—you’re the prince and princess of Philadelphia.
  • 2. “Attentive Service” – Lisa McGraw

    Weddings at The Bellevue in Philadelphia gives couples more than a beautiful venue to celebrate their love. In addition to this, wedding couples receive five-star service with expert planners and a polished banquet team. We are enthusiastic to learn more about our couples’ preferences, allowing us to create a unique wedding reception experience.
  • The Bellevue Hotel takes pride in a refined style of service. For example, imagine your guests exiting the Ballroom Balcony cocktail reception and being graciously greeted below by the wait staff standing at attention in the middle of the dance floor with white hand towels draped over their arm. The Bellevue Hotel takes pride in this traditional style of service, which displays their commitment to first-class hospitality.
  • 3. “Traditional, Old-World Aesthetic” – Phil Kramer

    The Bellevue Hotel is like a miniature Versailles in Philadelphia. This wedding venue features lavish, French-inspired architecture that honors the high society of early-twentieth century America. The Bellevue is a portal to the prestigious golden age. Weddings at the Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia are spectacle events. Its Jazz Age style provides couples with a grandiose experience. The luxurious atmosphere is fitting for a black-tie wedding celebration. This venue is an elegant backdrop for wedding photographers to capture timeless portraits. In addition to this, wedding couples will love telling the story of their day at this glorious venue.
  • 4. “All Wedding Sizes Fit Inside the Bellevue” – Lisa McGraw

    The Bellevue Hotel offers magnificent settings for both the larger grand wedding as well as the smaller intimate gathering. Consider a wedding in the Grand Ballroom, which can accommodate 200-450 guests. The sunlit Rose Garden is the best spot for guests lists ranging from 100-180 guests. The Rose Garden is paired with the Conservatory Atrium for the cocktail reception where guests feel like they’re in an outdoor European piazza. Reserve the XIX Pearl Room with its dramatic dome ceiling for the most intimate weddings of 40-80 guests. The XIX Pearl Room offers some of the best views of Philadelphia.
  • 5. “The Bellevue is an All-Weather Venue” – Phil Kramer

    Bad weather never ruins Bellevue Hotel weddings. Many couples plan a beautiful wedding, but weather limits the shot list. This obstacle forces wedding photographers to adapt to the new circumstances. Bad weather always hinders outdoor photo opportunities. The Bellevue compensates for this with its extensive corridors throughout the hotel where photographers can create bold wedding photos. Wedding photographers can capture stunning photographs at the XIX (Nineteen) Restaurant or in the Pearl room with its dangling chandelier. The Bellevue provides gorgeous rooms for indoor wedding photography—more than any other venue in Philadelphia. This eliminates the stress of rainstorms on your wedding date.
  • 6. “Delicious Cuisine on Your Wedding Night” – Lisa McGraw

    As a distinguished hotel in Philadelphia, The Bellevue stands by its traditional brand philosophy: “Food Thoughtfully Sourced, and Carefully Served.” The culinary team at the Bellevue sources food that is locally grown, sustainable, and hormone free. Furthermore, the Bellevue serves an American cuisine that honors the hotel’s historic past. Weddings at the Bellevue Hotel are extravagant, and the food represents this, as well. Our wedding couples are encouraged to customize their menus, to best represent their style and preferences.
  • 7. “Winding Staircase to the Grand Ballroom” – Phil Kramer

    At the Bellevue Hotel wedding venue there are magnificent locations for glamorous wedding photos, but the winding staircase is a top spot. The masterful design of this staircase creates stunning wedding photography. The winding staircase at the Bellevue is perfect for wedding photos that showcase the train of the bridal dress. This massive staircase is an impressive oval shape that naturally carries the eye through pictures. Its flowing architecture makes a gorgeous backdrop for photographing family formals at the wedding, too. Entering the Bellevue and strolling up the winding staircase to the grand ballroom feels extravagant. Many wedding couples regard this staircase as their favorite feature in the hotel.
  • 8. “Convenient Access in Philadelphia” – Lisa McGraw

    Along the Avenue of the Arts in Philadelphia, you’ll find the Bellevue Hotel. It is within walking distance to various shops, salons, spas, restaurants, and bars for overnight guests to visit. During the stay, overnight guests have access to the attached 10,000 square foot Sporting Club at the Bellevue. On the wedding day, guests have access to valet parking through the adjacent Parkway garage. An enclosed bridge links the Bellevue to this garage for quick access. Several private spaces at the Bellevue Hotel can host a welcome reception, rehearsal dinner, and a departure brunch.
  • 9. “Wrap-Around Balcony in the Grand Ballroom” – Phil Kramer

    Weddings at the Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia offer a breathtaking grand ballroom with two crystal chandeliers and a wrap-around balcony. The wrap-around balcony in this ballroom is luxurious and adds more dimension to the room. Wedding guests drink cocktails here and share private conversations as they watch the dance floor below. Wedding photographers at the Bellevue Hotel use the balcony to their advantage. It is perfect for pin-spot lighting, bouncing lights off the ceiling, and capturing aerial wedding photos. Also, hanging lights from the balcony eliminates the hazard of light stands on the ballroom floor.
  • 10. “Special Honeymoon Offer” – Lisa McGraw

    Every couples deserves the wedding—and honeymoon—of their dreams. Celebrate your wedding day with us and earn free nights at a Hyatt Hotel Internationally to celebrate for your honeymoon.
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    We’d like to send our thanks to Lisa McGraw and The Bellevue Hotel team for participating in this article. It was a pleasure to discuss how weddings at The Bellevue create beautiful memories. As a Philadelphia wedding photography studio with experience at The Bellevue Hotel, we highly recommend considering this elegant venue. If you’re planning a wedding in Philadelphia and considering The Bellevue Hotel as the venue, then visit their website.