10 Reasons to Get Married at Fitler Club

  • Discover the Fitler Club Wedding Experience

    Fitler Club is a modern social club in Philadelphia. Couples searching for a wedding venue that blends high design with urban sophistication should consider celebrating their love here. This list introduces perspectives from Phil Kramer, a Philadelphia wedding photographer, and Stephanie Carr, the Catering Director at Fitler Club. Phil and Stephanie provide engaged couples with insight from their professional fields as they discuss weddings at Fitler Club.
  • Phil: 1. The Garden

    Fitler Club boasts a 3,700 sq. ft. outdoor garden that mixes old-world brick with modern design. The Garden is a spot of greenspace at an urban venue—almost like Central Park in New York City. The Garden at Fitler Club is a beautiful backdrop to capture wedding photography portraits. This private outdoor space is a better option for photos than other nearby greenspaces, which are full of crowds. The wedding photographer and couple must coordinate a time with Fitler Club to capture photos there. The best time for wedding photos in the Garden is early in the morning when it is usually available for a private photo session.
  • Stephanie: 2. Complete Wedding Weekend

    Couples can host their entire wedding weekend at the Fitler Club! Wedding guests check into our hotel and prepare for their rehearsal dinner at The Chef's Table, our private dining room overlooking the Schuylkill River. After dinner, enter the Screening Room for a private movie, complete with popcorn and adult beverages in sippy cups. The next morning, the wedding party splits up for activities in The Field House – a private class in Pilates studio or laid-back fun at the golf simulator. Most brides and grooms find that spending their wedding weekend at Fitler Club adds to the convenience factor. The Club offers a wide range of culinary experiences, which provides guests with variety during their stay. You never have to leave the Fitler Club (and you’ll never want to)!
  • Phil: 3. Private & Exclusive

    Fitler Club is a popular gathering spot for high-profile figures in Philadelphia and its location floats under the radar. Private social clubs make wedding photography easier for everyone. The exclusivity at Fitler Club helps wedding photographers make their clients feel more confidential and comfortable, which creates more intimacy between the two. Wedding photographers create better photos at venues with fewer distractions. The privacy of Fitler Club makes it easier to communicate, direct subjects, and experiment with inventive angles in creative spots.
  • Stephanie: 4. Complimentary Membership

    Couples receive a 1-year complimentary membership when they book their wedding at Fitler Club. Memberships includes full access to Fitler Club’s exclusive property and all the amenities. Most notably: amazing restaurants, a world-class gym, a movie theater, and a co-working space. Members also engage in dynamic programming, such as adult art classes, wine tastings, and a speaker series. Couples join a diverse community that’s reflective of Philadelphia! They’ll have the opportunity to connect with established, emerging, cutting-edge, and active business leaders. A Fitler Club membership acts as a platform for newlyweds to expand their professional ventures, meet new people, and enjoy new life experiences together.
  • Phil: 5. Nearby Industrial Alleys

    Surrounding Fitler Club are industrial alleyways that create beautiful urban wedding photos. These tight alleys feature peeling paint, fire escapes, and sleek loading dock doors, which add metropolitan flair to every portrait. These photo hot spots near Fitler Club are upscale enough for wedding photographers, like myself, to work their magic. Couples seeking urban elegance in their wedding photography will love snapping photographs in the nearby industrial alleys. Wedding couples will enjoy capturing memories in the heart of Philadelphia. This lavish wedding venue and its nearby photo locations provide couples with the best urban wedding experience in Philly.
  • Stephanie: 6. Fun in the Trophy Room

    Fitler Club embodies the concept of “Live. Work. Play.” The Trophy Room is all play. In the Trophy Room, wedding couples enter a vibrant space for an after-party with an abundance of recreational activities. At Fitler Club, couples can challenge their spouse to a wedding night bowling match. Guests will love sipping cocktails at the bar, and playing classic arcade games, pinball, foosball, ping pong, and many other favorites. The drop-down screen can showcase late night sports or a slideshow of photographs. As guests end the night in the Trophy Room, couples can play their custom music playlist through the sound system.
  • Phil: 7. Large Suites for Getting Ready

    The Master Suites at Fitler Club provide couples and their wedding parties with ample space to change into their formal clothes. These spacious rooms allow everyone to move around and offer large windows that welcome in natural light. The Master Suites embody the modernity of Fitler Club. The suites feature intricate sliding pocket doors that separate the bedroom from the gathering space. The wall dividing these two rooms strategically cuts below the ceiling, which allows natural light to still enter. The large getting ready suites serve as an advantage for wedding photographers capturing the start of the big day. Brides and grooms will forever remember the first-class experience of getting ready at Fitler Club with stunning wedding photography.
  • Stephanie: 8. On-Site Luxury Hotel

    Fitler Club offers some of the most luxurious hotel rooms in Philadelphia. This includes 2 large suites, 3 loft suites, and 9 bedrooms. The best perk to checking in overnight is that guests become Fitler Club members for the duration of their stay. They’ll have access to swanky social spaces and all of the luxurious amenities available at Fitler Club. Wedding couples receive a complimentary stay in The Master Suite on their wedding night, which can also double as the bridal suite. As Phil mentions, this room contains plenty of natural light, which creates captivating getting ready photos.
  • Phil: 9. Family Formals in the Lobby

    Finding the best location for family formals is one of the most challenging aspects of wedding photography. Family formals require strict coordination, which can complicate the wedding, but the Fitler Club lobby streamlines this process for photographers. Family formals in lobby offer high ceilings, natural light, and ample space for wedding photographers and guests to move around. Wedding photographers capture photographs with gorgeous dimension against the neutral color palette in the Fitler Club lobby. The lobby is the obvious choice for formal photos on hot summer days when wedding guests want to remain indoors. Its location is convenient with close bathrooms, air conditioning, and nearby chairs for photographers to pose the family.
  • Stephanie: 10. Storytelling with Food

    Weddings are a celebration of love and togetherness, and we believe this begins with delicious food. Fitler Club combines food with storytelling by inviting couples behind-the-scenes to personalize their wedding day dishes with the chefs. This personal process allows Fitler Club to truly understand how the wedding couple is going to blend their lives. Some couples want food from a country they often visit on vacation, while others may enlist their mom to teach the chefs how to make famous family recipes. Couples have boundless opportunities to customize signature wedding dishes that define their relationship and personality.
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