Photography & Videography in South Jersey

Phil Kramer Photo is a photo studio serving South Jersey. As top photographers in the area, we specialize in providing commercial photography, wedding photography, and fashion photography.

Portrait Photographers in Philadelphia

Phil Kramer Photo provides the best commercial portrait photography in Philadelphia. If you’re searching for portraits that represent your personality, then consider hiring our photo studio for your next project.

Wedding Photographers in Philadelphia

Phil Kramer Photo is among the best wedding photography studios in Philadelphia. We have over 35 years of experience photographing weddings and preserving romantic wedding day stories.

Food Photographers in Philadelphia

I am a food photographer in Philadelphia with experience photographing for catering companies, upscale eateries, bakeries, and local restaurants. Food presentation is crucial to encourage people to dine at your restaurant and eat your dishes.

Engagement Photographers in Philadelphia

Phil Kramer Photo is among the top photography studios in Philadelphia for engagement photos. Engagement photography is a terrific way to gain camera confidence and take comfortable photos at the best locations in Philly.

Top Photographers in Philadelphia

Phil Kramer Photo is among the top companies in Philadelphia for clients seeking a professional photographer with commercial experience. Though photography is the focus of our studio, we also specialize in video production.

Fashion Photographers in Philadelphia

Phil Kramer Photo is a high-fashion photography studio in Philadelphia with expertise in commercial photo shoots. As a top fashion photographer, I know how to meet the demands of clients searching for creative photography that propels their fashion line to the next level.

Top Photography Locations in Philadelphia

Couples always ask me “where can we go to take photos around Philadelphia?” I’ve photographed in this city for more than 30 years, and it’s a great historical city with a lot of rich greenspace and gorgeous architecture. Below are my personal favorite locations: The Philadelphia Art Museum 2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Philadelphia, PA 19130 …

Choosing the Best Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is where your dreams come true! Start with a Realistic Budget The average wedding in the Delaware Valley is roughly 40K-50K. Settling on a realistic budget is a great first step to filtering your list of potential wedding venues. It’s important to ask yourself what you can spend per guest at your …

Planning Your Wedding

I’ve photographed over 3,000 weddings and I’ve learned that planning a wedding can become overwhelming for most. I’ve seen it all: from intimate weddings with 6 people to extravagant weddings with 600 people. I don’t consider myself a professional wedding planner, so I created this page from a photographer’s point of view. Where do I …

Frequently Asked Wedding Questions

I’m asked a lot of questions about weddings, so here are a lot of answers! How many weddings have you done? I started my business in 1986, and have photographed over 3000 weddings in my time. I’ve done small intimate 14-person weddings to large extravagant 600-person weddings. What’s your style? My style on wedding photography …