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  • I am a food photographer in Philadelphia with experience photographing for catering companies, upscale eateries, bakeries, and local restaurants. Food presentation is crucial to encourage people to dine at your restaurant and eat your dishes. A food photographer can take your restaurant to the next level by providing food photos that depict the excellent taste of your dishes. Phil Kramer Photo is an award-winning professional photography studio in Philadelphia that specializes in commercial, event, and portrait photography. We believe food brings people together and strengthens bonds, which starts with bold food photos. Trust our photo studio to deliver the best food photography in Philadelphia.
  • Promote Your Restaurant or Bakery

    Chefs and restaurant owners searching for commercial food photographers should consider hiring our studio. Hiring a top food photographer who understands your vision, appreciates great eats, and knows how to elevate your dishes is crucial. We help tell the story behind the food that represents your restaurant’s aesthetic and values. Great food photography is necessary to stand out in the competitive Philadelphia restaurant scene.
  • Local foodies enjoy trying new places to eat in Philadelphia. Food photos are persuasive devices that sway potential customers to eat at your establishment. The best cafes, bars, and bakeries hire food photographers to capture their visual content. A food photographer produces creative photographs that express the unique presentation and delicious taste of your food. When choosing a food photographer, consider hiring for food videography as well. The combination of food photography and videography provides more ways for customers to engage with your business. Viewing these appetizing plates in motion gives patrons an appealing way to experience new cuisines. Food videography is a fantastic way to promote your restaurant.
  • We Have Decades Of Experience With Food Photography in Philadelphia

    Phil Kramer Photo is among the top commercial food photographers in the Philadelphia area. We collaborate with you to produce photographs and videos that tell your story. As a food photographer, I love capturing beautiful presentations that celebrate the cuisine and its culture. At Phil Kramer Photo, we focus on making bold moments in Philadelphia. As the top production studio in the city, we deliver food photos that embody the delicious flavors and flair of the dish. Trusting our experience as commercial photographers will bring more people together to eat at your restaurant.
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