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  • Phil Kramer Photo is among the top companies in Philadelphia for clients seeking a professional photographer with commercial experience. Though photography is the focus of our studio, we also specialize in video production. I have a reputation as the best event and lifestyle photographer in Philadelphia. We implement photography and videography to diversify the way viewers absorb visual stories. The best photography transports clients and viewers back to the relatable moments that shape our lives.
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    Photography and videography capture memories and ideas. This philosophy is the foundation of our photo studio, along with “Making Bold Moments.” This approach distinguishes me from other top commercial photographers in Philly. As a lifestyle photographer, I collaborate with companies and focus on creatively conveying their message. It’s my duty to produce breathtaking photographs that catch the eye. The best lifestyle photography is a: · Persuasive tool · Relatable desire · Appropriate representation
  • A videographer should recognize these key factors as well. Together, photography and videography reinforce the message of the project. Video production adds another element to the photography—and vice versa. Philadelphia is a lively city for an event photographer. People from South Jersey view Philly as a place where memories are made. Photographers preserve these moments to keep them alive. I’m an event photographer in Philadelphia who shoots parties at top locations in the city and offers the following services: · Weddings · Corporate Events
  • Event photos are best paired with a captivating video. A videographer tells your story in motion. Hiring videography through our studio ensures production with a consistent style. Commercial photographers in Philly contribute their services to an innovative city. When photographers work with a videographer, clients receive visually consistent content that can be published on various forms of mass media. This subset of collaborative commercial photography includes: · Creative fashion · Lifestyle portraits · Construction projects · Food photography
  • Phil Kramer Photo is among Philadelphia’s most trusted commercial photographers. As a full-service production company that takes on small and large ventures, we provide creative consulting, inspired photography, and videography to our clients. Phil Kramer, an award-winning professional photographer, is the owner of Phil Kramer Photo—a top photo studio in Philadelphia. Along with photography, the studio offers high quality video production services. Operating in the city for over 35 years, Phil Kramer Photo is located at 225 Quarry Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106. The studio space functions as a commercial photography production area, client meeting room, and venue for small events.
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