Top 5 Engagement Photography Locations in Old City Philadelphia

  • Getting Familiar with Old City in Philadelphia for Engagement Photos

    Phil Kramer Photo is a photography studio in Old City, Philadelphia for 35 years. As a result, we’re familiar with the Old City District, and its colonial American aesthetic. Old City, Philadelphia has stunning locations for engagement photography. In Philadelphia, Old City is full of cobblestone alleys and red brick architecture. For this reason, engagement photos here contain a charming, old-world flair. Planning an engagement session in Old City allows couples to take pictures in beautiful alleyways and flowery gardens. This list provides couples with our best locations throughout Old City, Philadelphia for engagement photography.
  • 1. Elfreth’s Alley

    The oldest residential street in America is Elfreth’s Alley and it is in Old City, Philadelphia. This small, quaint street is a must-see for locals and tourists in Philly. Aside from this, it is a great location for stunning engagement photography. Though this stony road is often full of tourists, visiting here at the right time for an engagement session is worth it. If you want to dodge tourists, the best time for photos here is in the late afternoon—just before sunset. Also, avoid engagements session at Elfreth’s Alley on Fridays because this is trash day.
  • Engagement photography at Elfreth’s Alley is a romantic opportunity to capture your love on the oldest road in the country. This special location in Old City offers an antique backdrop, and quaint decorations. Few places can replicate the vintage style engagement photos at Elfreth’s Alley. Elfreth’s Alley is a residential road, so it is important to maintain respect for the homeowners during engagement photography sessions. Couples seeking to capture images with vintage American charm will find everything they need at Elfreth’s Alley.
  • 2. Cherry Street Pier

    Old City is famous for several piers that border the Delaware River along Front street. Among them, Cherry Street Pier is a fun location for engagement photography. This urban hang-out spot provides dramatic views of the Ben Franklin Bridge. Cherry Street Pier often hosts events, so you may encounter large crowds. Before arriving, always check the event schedule before arriving at Cherry Street Pier. However, planning a weekday engagement session here is often a safe bet. The waterfront pier is a roofless structure with rusty metal beams and hanging string lights.
  • Consider engagement photography at Cherry Street Pier if you want an industrial vibe. In the background, couples can kiss as the baby blue Ben Franklin Bridge stretches to New Jersey. In addition to this, engagement photos at Cherry Street Pier add spectacular views of the Delaware River. Though Cherry Street Pier is an escape from the heart of Old City, it is a creative location that slips the mind of most couples. Cherry Street Pier is a rare find that offers couples an abandoned industrial setting for engagement photos.
  • 3. Front & Arch Street

    Taking engagement photos at Front & Arch Street in Philadelphia is perfect for couples who love white cherry blossoms. During the Spring season, this area blooms with white cherry blossoms. This location is one of the few spots in Old City with cherry blossom trees. The white pedals pop against the red brick buildings in the background. Photographers who go here in the right season can capture flowery engagement photos in an urban setting.
  • Front & Arch Street is a magnificent location for engagement photography in Philly with towering trees and few tourists. Around the corner, Front Street has an a lot of natural light and a wide sidewalk. At the right angle, this spot also features a distant view of the Ben Franklin Bridge. We believe Front & Arch Street is one of the more subtle engagement photography locations in Old City. It is a delightful walk for photographers and couples, so consider snapping a few romantic photos here.
  • 4. North Mascher & Cuthbert Street

    If Elfreth’s Alley is full of sightseers, we recommend crossing Arch Street, and heading to North Mascher & Cuthbert Street. This colonial cobblestone road has much charm as Elfreth’s Alley, and almost zero tourists. Furthermore, this street feels quintessentially Old City. Philadelphia engagement photographers who take their couples to North Mascher & Cuthbert capture the essence of this historical city. On top of this, the street features whimsical decorations such as window box flowers and colorful vintage doors.
  • Though the location is small, engagement photographers can take advantage of this captivating setting. North Mascher & Cuthbert Street is a hidden gem in Philadelphia for the best engagement photography. In similar ways to Elfreth’s Alley, this street is residential, so it is important to respect the space during the engagement session. This area is shady with many trees, so bright sunny days are ideal for snapping pictures here.
  • 5. North Bread & Quarry Street

    One of the best engagement photography spots is at the crossroads of Paddy’s Pub and Café Ole. This is also where you can find Phil Kramer Photo, our photography studio, in Old City, Philadelphia! North Bread & Quarry Street is a top location for engagement photography with antique cobblestones and plenty of natural light. On the contrary to other colonial streets like Elfreth’s Alley or North Mascher, Quarry Street is more spacious. Down Quarry Street, there are low buildings, which allows soft natural light to bounce on the walls. Engagement photography is great here because the sun illuminates Quarry Street as it rises and sets from East to West.
  • Quarry Street is a signature location in Old City. When couples visit this historical road, they will feel as though they’re in a time warp. In conclusion, Quarry Street is a top engagement photography location in Philadelphia where couples can take charming, vintage pictures. Before leaving Old City, mark this hidden gem on your map for a quick photo op during a beautiful sunset. You’ll make the most of your engagement session in Philadelphia.
  • Engagement Photography Sessions in Philadelphia

    These five Old City engagement photography locations make our top list, but there are many places to explore in Philadelphia. The Old City district has phenomenal photo op locations. However, some of them are historical landmarks that require a permit. For example, Independence Hall and Washington Square. If you're planning engagement photos at private locations in Old City, you should hire a professional photographer. Engagement photographers help couples get permits. This ensures that the photography session is legal and safe.
  • Couples who have a close relationship with Old City will forever cherish photos from these locations. During an adventurous engagement session in Old City, couples will connect with the historical district. Though our studio loves these engagement photography locations, it is important for the couple to choose their favorite spots. When couples are comfortable in a familiar space, they pose and interact with each other more naturally for engagement photos. For the reasons above, consider planning Old City in Philadelphia for your engagement photography session.
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