Classic Wedding at Saint Coleman's Church and Aronimink Golf Club

  • Getting Ready During Cherry Blossom Season in Philadelphia

    The wedding day at Aronimink Golf Club begins with pink cherry blossoms blooming outside. Spring weddings promise blooming flowers. This makes for lovely floral wedding photos. Before entering the house to capture the bride getting ready, we photograph the outdoor wedding decorations. Exterior photographs establish the setting in photojournalistic wedding albums. The floral wedding decorations add excitement to the special day. When wedding photographers arrive to the getting ready process, they should act as a fly on the wall. Once she is in the dress, then the photographer finds the best location to capture elegant solo portraits of the bride. On this wedding day, we use the traditional dining room space to photograph the dress.
  • Showcasing the Dress: Traditional Bridal Photos

    The bridal dress is a custom design from James May in Philadelphia. It features intricate floral patterns, small pearls, and traditional white lace along the edge. This elegant wedding dress is fitting for the Spring, and the white flower bouquet compliments the delicate designs. The handsewn flowers at the bottom of the skirt make the design appropriate for a Spring wedding. Getting ready photos of the bride show her anticipation on the big day. These portraits capture the beginning of the story.
  • Making the Most of Wedding Dress Details

    As far as accessories go, a pearl headpiece with lace fabric accompanies this lavish wedding dress. The headpiece features pearls along the edges and rhinestones in the floral lace pattern. Though the lace pattern is intricate, this delicate wedding dress accessory is modern and minimalistic. The accessory fits the Spring weather, and is a subtle piece that makes the bride look elegant. Close-up photographs of wedding dress details emphasize the unique beauty. These photos showcase the craftsmanship and design of the dress, which made the bride choose it.
  • Capturing Wedding Portraits with Cherry Blossoms

    The pink cherry blossom tree—or the Sakura—symbolizes the beginning of Spring once it starts to bloom. In this bridal portrait, the cherry blossom helps the white wedding dress pop in the picture. The blend of pink and white feels airy, while capturing the elegance of Spring. Holding a white flower bouquet adds to the floral style of this wedding day. Colorful flowers create natural wedding photography that adds to the beauty of getting ready. Cherry blossoms bloom pink and white flowers, so this combination fits the delicate mood for the wedding. The best wedding photographers know how to pose their brides to take advantage of stunning, natural backgrounds. Using the cherry blossom tree ties into the classic, elegant style of this big day.
  • Catholic Wedding Ceremony at Saint Colman’s Church

    Saint Colman’s Church is near Philadelphia in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. This cathedral is a top location for catholic wedding ceremonies in the Philadelphia area. It features cement archways, impressive stone architecture, and dazzling glass windows that depict events in Christianity. This traditional catholic church is a romantic wedding ceremony venue. Our photo studio loves Saint Colman’s marble altar, stone walls, mahogany pews, and colorful stained glass. Saint Colman’s Church is beautiful religious venue for elegant wedding photography in the Philadelphia area.
  • All Rise: The Bride Walks Down the Aisle

    The bride walks down the aisle with her father at Saint Colman’s Church as the ceremony guests rise. he open door at Saint Colman’s causes natural light to illuminate the bride and her father from behind. In turn, this draws the viewer’s eye to them, which makes for bold wedding photography. Catholic wedding ceremony photography is best when photographers know how to take advantage of ceiling height at the church. Snapping vertical photos in Saint Colman’s Church adds an epic appeal to the photo. This wedding portrait captures the grand church ceilings above the bride and her father while walking the aisle.
  • Wedding Photography Along the Rolling Hills at Aronimink Golf Club

    Brides that love traditional greenspaces will enjoy wedding photos at Aronimink Golf Club in Pennsylvania. Aronimink Golf Club reminds one of a lavish mansion in Scotland with its stone walls. The best location for wedding photography at Aronimink Golf Club is along the green hills. The forest along the golf course provides an epic background element. The groom embraces the bride as they stand together on the hills of Aronimink Golf Club on their wedding day. Spring is the best season for wedding photographers to take advantage of blooming foliage with their couples. Aronimink Golf Club is a top venue for Spring weddings.
  • Discovering a Photo Moment in the Daffodil Garden

    On our return to Aronimink Golf Club for the wedding reception, we spot beautiful yellow daffodils along the putting green. These yellow flowers act as warm spots against the traditional brown colors of Aronimink Golf Club. We decide to take a quick detour to capture wedding photos against these stunning yellow daffodils, which adds bright, jubilant colors to the day. The yellow daffodils appear out of focus in the foreground to create dimension in the photograph. This technique draws the eye to the bride and groom as they hold hands by the flower garden. Our studio captures intimacy in this wedding photo by having the groom kneel as the bride sits on his lap.
  • Embracing the Spring Flowers at Aronimink Golf Club

    Wedding photography at Aronimink Golf Club is best during the Spring when the flowers are freshly blooming. Improvising occurs when the wedding photographer sees a photo opportunity that differs from the previous series of poses. For instance, we sit the bride on the groom's lap above the flower garden. In conclusion, the yellow daffodils will add a pop of color to your pictures. If you’re planning to explore the golf greens during your wedding, then remember these beautiful flowers.
  • A Grand Introduction: Entering the Ballroom for the Reception

    After a long day of wedding pictures, brides and grooms look forward to making a grand entrance at the reception party. Aronimink Golf Club offers a traditional ballroom that features brown door and window frames with intricate carvings. The large windows surrounding the dance floor help to open the space as wedding guests dance the night away. The bride and groom enter the ballroom through rustic wood doors and hold hands in celebration of their marriage. The guests cheer loud as they see the couple join them to party, dance and eat a delicious sit-down dinner. As celebration music plays throughout the classic ballroom, the bride and groom take center stage for their first dance.
  • The Bride and Groom Dance at Center Stage

    The first dance is one of the few intimate moments that the bride and groom have together. Oftentimes the couple slow dances or breaks into a dance routine to the surprise of their guests. This first dance is enthusiastic and easy-going as the families look on from their tables. At this Aronimink Golf Club wedding, the bride and groom smile as they twirl, slide, and shake on the ballroom floor to the amusement of their many guests.
  • Singing to the Bride on the Dancefloor

    As the sunset in Pennsylvania, the men grab the microphone and surprise the bride with a singing circle. The bride laughs as the men serenade her to classic jazz and traditional swing music. This fun, spontaneous wedding moment filled the ballroom with laughter and happiness. The men at the wedding raise their hands and bend down on one knee as they sing to the bride. Harmonious singing echoes throughout the ballroom as the bride becomes the center of attention at the wedding reception. This surprise moment keeps wedding photographers on their toes but makes the best reception photos for the album.
  • Cutting the Wedding Cake as Husband and Wife

    Romantic wedding nights always end with a traditional cake cutting. This custom wedding cake by Stocks Bakery in Philadelphia, which features white roses, ivory swans, and gold leaves. As wedding photographers, we direct the bride to grab the knife with her left hand to show the diamond ring as the newlyweds cut the cake. Cutting the wedding cake is a famous tradition to end the reception. Aronimink Golf Club offers beautiful hand-carved wood throughout their venue, which enhances the white wedding cake in the foreground. Cutting the cake at Aronimink Golf Club is a romantic finale to the wedding reception.
  • The Final Kiss of the Wedding

    As the sunset approaches, wedding photographers take the bride and groom aside to capture a farewell photo for the album. The final photo of the night provides a romantic end to the wedding day story. We take advantage of Aronimink Golf Club at night and its beautiful stone walls for this grand finale wedding photo. This epic wedding photograph is the grand finale and showcases the couple embracing under gothic lamps at Aronimink Golf Club. Our studio uses a wire of small led bulbs to create flashing lights across the photo as the bride and groom kiss. This camera technique spotlights the bride and groom, and is a natural special effect that creates captivating wedding photography.
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