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Photographers in Philadelphia

lifestyle photographers in philadelphia

Phil Kramer is a commercial studio in Philadelphia that specializes in lifestyle photography. Lifestyle portraits convey a special message about a product or service to influence viewers. As a lifestyle photographer for corporations and small businesses in Philadelphia, he captures bold photos that captivate your target audience.

Capture Life’s Greatest Moments

Connect with viewers through lifestyle photography that feels authentic and communicates emotion. Use these lifestyle portraits for a website, social media post, or as an advertisement in Philadelphia to represent your business. Show a target audience lifestyle portrait photography that demonstrates your expertise.

Lifestyle photography is useful for brand awareness, expressing company culture, or communicating a product. Creating lifestyle photography involves planning such as storyboarding, location scouting, on-set stylists, and if necessary, recruiting model talent.   

Lifestyle photographer in Philadelphia
lifestyle photoshoot in philly

Tips on How to Shoot Lifestyle Photography

As a lifestyle photographer in Philadelphia, there are key elements to capturing a successful production. This list includes:

  • Pick the right environment
  • Don’t wait for the perfect shot
  • Get multiple angles
  • Give your subjects an activity to do
  • & More

Following these few tips is a great starting point when approaching a lifestyle photoshoot. Finding the best location in Philadelphia for your project is important. Choose a location that photographs well and is cohesive with the goals on your shot list.

Developing a comprehensive shot list helps a lifestyle photoshoot move more smoothly. When lifestyle photographers and videographers prepare a shot list, this helps to organize the production and arrange the set. This efficient technique is necessary for capturing bold lifestyle pictures that exceed expectations.

During the production, photographers act as directors to make lifestyle scenes look real. We repeat the action multiple times from different angles to capture the best shot and tell the full story. We produce lifestyle content that depicts the everyday and allows viewers to draw deeper connections.

The main goal is to make real life look better and believable. The ability to relay a specific feeling or emotion to a target audience makes successful lifestyle photos.


Contact Us Today to Schedule Your Lifestyle Photoshoot

Find a lifestyle production studio in Philadelphia that understands your goals and knows how to convey your message. Phil Kramer is a lifestyle photography and cinematography studio that can capture your creative vision.

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