Fashion Photographers in Philadelphia

  • Phil Kramer Photo is a high-fashion photography studio in Philadelphia with expertise in commercial photo shoots. As a top fashion photographer, I know how to meet the demands of clients searching for creative photography that propels their fashion line to the next level. The best fashion photography requires an innovative approach that sets new trends. Philadelphia is a fashionable city with chic clothing styles on every block. The best fashion photographer knows how to exceed expectations with photographs that capture confidence and use excellent posing techniques. Phil Kramer Photo offers commercial fashion photography services to clothing boutiques looking to set the next trend in Philadelphia.
  • Fashion Photography and Videography

    Trust a fashion photographer to look at your clothes through a creative lens. Whether the fashion style is avant-garde, casual, or bohemian, the best photo studio will tell bold stories with visual content. Create the latest trends in the Philadelphia fashion industry by hiring a top production studio with decades of experience. Phil Kramer Photo is always on top of the latest fashion buzz in Philadelphia. We believe a fashion photographer should mold your vision into strong moments that elevate your style. We photograph menswear and womenswear to express comfort, confidence, and elegance.
  • High-fashion photography is more engaging when paired with videography to document the full story. Attracting customers in Philadelphia is easy with a creative video that tells the story behind your fashion. Hire fashion videographers to put your latest outfit collection into motion. It’s best to meet a fashion photographer in the studio for a consultation before starting a photo session. Let a fashion photographer inspire you with a creative approach that distinguishes your outfits from the hottest fashion trends in Philadelphia. Upscale fashion photo shoots including art directors, clothing stylists, and fashion videographers deliver the best production.
  • The studio at Phil Kramer Photo provides an elite fashion photography experience. We are an award-winning production studio with an extensive fashion portfolio and an eagerness to help Philly companies spread their ideas. We ensure that each fashion photo shoot is a creative adventure, using photography and videography to inspire others. If you are hiring a fashion photographer in the Philadelphia area, consider Phil Kramer Photo.
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