First Look on the Bellevue Hotel Balcony in Philadelphia

  • Choosing to Do a First Look at The Bellevue Hotel

    A first look is when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony on their wedding day. The first look is an emotional moment for the bride and groom. Wedding photographers save time and capture more intimate, creative photos. First look photos at the Bellevue Hotel are elegant and there are many picture-perfect spots throughout the venue. This wedding venue in Philadelphia is in the heart of the city. The best first look photos here take advantage of the epic skyline views on the rooftop balcony. Wedding photographers always recommend doing a first look. The Bellevue Hotel is a big wedding venue in Philly where couples can snap beautiful photos. If you’re planning a wedding at the Bellevue Hotel, a first look is worth doing.
  • Setting Up a First Look on the Balcony

    Bellevue Hotel weddings can use the backdrop of Philadelphia skyscrapers to capture beautiful first look photos. Our photo studio decides to do a roof top first look, so we can showcase the Philly skyline. The best first look wedding photography depends on the groom’s reaction. The first look is the groom’s chance to react to the bride in the wedding dress for the first time.
  • Wedding photographers place the bride in a stationary spot because of the long gown. The groom approaches her. This technique keeps one body in motion, which makes it easier for the photographer to capture the reactions. At this Bellevue Hotel wedding, the bride stands on the rooftop balcony as she awaits the groom. A wedding photographer snaps through the window while one other stands on the balcony. This creates journalistic first look wedding photos from various angles.
  • Instructions for the Groom Before the First Look

    Before the groom sees the bride, it is important to provide instructions to ensure a photogenic reaction. We tell the groom the following: • “Keep a great expression!” • “Remember, she’s not fragile.” • “Avoid stiff posture.” • “Go have fun!”
  • Amazing first look photos rely on the groom’s expression. Furthermore, a quick pep talk from wedding photographers should keep the groom comfortable and confident. On the tight balcony at the Bellevue Hotel, the groom must know where to move, so that the photographer can capture exciting first look portraits. At this wedding, the bride wants to see the groom’s expression as he approaches her. As a result, she was facing forward rather than backward, awaiting the groom’s tap on the shoulder.
  • Capturing First Look Emotions

    The emotion of a first look differs from a wedding ceremony first look. First looks allow the bride and groom to hold each other, whisper compliments, and kiss. Often, the groom still cries as the bride walks the aisle during the wedding ceremony. First look pictures showcase the excitement of seeing each other on your wedding day. An exciting first look is best when the anticipation builds.
  • Advantages of the Balcony Window

    The window beside this balcony is critical for capturing the best first look reactions at Bellevue Hotel weddings. The second wedding photographer captures the groom’s reaction as he sees the bride for the first time. This window provides a secondary angle that tells the story of the wedding day. Capturing a rooftop first look on the balcony at The Bellevue Hotel is easier because of this window. Peeking through the window gives the first look more dimension.
  • When designing a wedding album, more angles tell the emotional story of the first look. A wall denies the wedding photographer another angle to capture the first look. The window makes the viewer feel like a spectator peeking into the moment. This first look photograph capitalizes on the elegance of Bellevue Hotel weddings.
  • Reasons to Do a Rooftop First Look at The Bellevue

    If the weather permits a rooftop first look, choose the balcony at The Bellevue Hotel. It sits at the 19th floor and overlooks the Philadelphia skyscrapers. This is the best angle for first look photos because it provides the most epic view of Philly. First look photos on the rooftop balcony at The Bellevue Hotel are stunning and elegant. The epic landscape fits the emotion of the moment between the bride and groom. After the first look photos, wedding couples can quickly transition to bold portraits with Philadelphia towering in the background. First look wedding photography at this balcony at the Bellevue Hotel is ideal. The light from the sun bounces off the adjacent building to fill the subjects on the balcony. The light here is reliable for wedding photos at the Bellevue.
  • Considering a Private First Look?

    If you and your future spouse want a private first look, then consider the roof balcony at the Bellevue Hotel. Wedding photographers can focus on capturing the intimate moment of the first look rather than the reaction shots of family and friends. During the wedding, couples have little time for privacy. The first look offers a moment for the couple to interact in private.
  • The best locations for private first looks are often away from commotion. These wedding day distractions put couples out of their comfort zone. First looks revolve around the bride and groom reacting to seeing each other. Onlookers such as family members, friends, or street traffic can interrupt or suppress these raw emotions. The rooftop balcony at the Bellevue Hotel is a good fit for private first looks, as it also overlooks the Philly skyline. As a result, the beauty of the first look compliments the extraordinary view in the background.
  • Capture Your First Look at The Bellevue with Phil Kramer Photo

    Our photo studio in Philadelphia has experience with wedding photography at the Bellevue Hotel. We are experts at capturing the best first looks for couples on their special day. Consider hiring Phil Kramer Photo for your wedding photography and video needs.
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