How to Choose the Best Wedding Dress for You

  • Expert Advice for Brides Choosing a Wedding Dress

    This discussion features perspectives from Phil Kramer Photo and The Wedding Factor, a chic bridal shop and fellow neighbor in Old City, Philadelphia. The Wedding Factor is family-operated by Kathy Hart, Stacey and Anil Veeraraj. They value the experience of the wedding dress journey. Furthermore, they strive to create a beautiful environment with knowledgeable stylists and a large collection of gowns. Through collaborating with their bridal salon, our photography studio draws relevant talking points from two viewpoints of the wedding industry.
  • Finding Wedding Dress Inspiration

    Pinterest boards are goldmines for wedding inspiration. The downside: clutter can accumulate. For instance, an avalanche of wedding dresses can disrupt your decision-making. The Wedding Factor recommends selecting your top 3 wedding dresses from the inspiration board. In realistic terms, you can only have one favorite dress. Brides should devote time to shrinking their Pinterest boards. Too many ideas can backfire at the bridal salon. Therefore, narrowing your options creates less distractions and mitigates second-guessing.
  • Bringing Others to The Bridal Salon

    Before visiting the bridal salon, the bride must consider who to take with them. It is dangerous to have too many opinions in the room. Choosing a wedding dress is far from a democratic process—it is about finding a dress that the bride loves. The people accompanying the bride must understand this. “You are wearing your wedding dress for you—not everyone else,” Stacey reminds us. We recommend inviting 1-3 trustworthy friends or family to provide feedback on the wedding dresses. In addition, bring the person who paying the bill unless this is the bride’s responsibility.
  • Have Fun On Your Wedding Dress Journey

    The Wedding Factor tells brides: “don’t be afraid.” "Sometimes brides have to put on the wrong dress to find the right dress,” says Stacey. Some wedding dresses fail to meet expectations when the bride wears it in the mirror. Trust consultants as they process your body language and feedback on each wedding dress. As brides start trying on dresses, consultants develop an understanding of which dresses fit your style and figure. Some brides pick a wedding dress that they'd glance at and never consider trying on. Good surprises happen during a relaxing trip to the bridal salon.
  • Photogenic Wedding Dresses

    Any wedding dress is photogenic when the bride is comfortable in the dress. If a bride loves her dress and owns it in front of the camera, then wedding photographers will capture beautiful, authentic portraits. Choosing the correct undergarments is key to achieving comfort and adding extra support to essential areas of the dress. Search for durable fabrics that lay well and show very few seams. The wedding photographer is responsible for capturing bold photographs of the dress and its distinctive features. However, bridal salons are responsible for ensuring the dress properly fits the bride and compliments her figure.
  • Functional Versus Fashionable Dresses

    Brides want to feel glamorous in their wedding dress. Brides that consider the function of a dress can avoid wedding day pitfalls. The bride is always moving during the wedding. Bulky ballgowns and long trains are beautiful, but certain brides want a dress that requires less fluffing and adjusting. Oftentimes, less is more. Simple wedding dresses make powerful statements and are easier to manage. The season should influence your dress decisions. A white jacket to match the dress is smart for outdoor wedding photography in winter. Light wedding dresses are ideal for the summer heat, so brides can stay cool.
  • When to Say Yes to the Dress

    The best wedding dress makes the bride feel invincible with confidence. “A wedding dress needs to make a bride feel like the best version of herself,” Stacey explains. “She needs to love putting it on and feel more beautiful than she has ever felt.” Brides know when they discover the perfect wedding dress—it’s a sixth sense! The best wedding dress is euphoric to see in the mirror. As the big day approaches, the dress continues to grow on them. Wedding dresses should make brides feel opulent, beautiful, and stunning. Above all, this is the bride’s moment feel like a movie star in the spotlight.
  • Extending Our Thanks to The Wedding Factor in Philadelphia

    Phil Kramer Photo sends gratitude to The Wedding Factor for participating in this collaborative article. It's a pleasure to exchange ideas with Kathy Hart, Stacey and Anil Veeraraj, who contributed terrific insight with us. In conclusion, we hope our advice helps brides find a wedding dress that makes their dreams come true and creates timeless memories. Visit The Wedding Factor and schedule a consultation with them in Old City at 57 N. 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106.
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