Portrait Photography with Billy Creagh of National Realty in Philadelphia

  • Introducing Billy Creagh: Real Estate Broker in Philadelphia

    Philadelphia real estate is an ever-changing market that requires familiarity of local trends and traffic engagement. Billy Creagh, of National Realty Old City, is an ambitious broker who helps clients navigate residential and commercial real estate. Billy Creagh is among the top real estate professionals in Philadelphia. In collaboration with our photo studio, we’re able to capture bold portrait photography that best describes his expertise and reputation.
  • Making His Mark on Old City

    Billy Creagh makes it clear that he is a Philadelphia native by donning an old-school varsity Eagles jacket. The best portrait photography is a simple explanation of the subject. Creagh is a fun-loving professional with proficient whereabouts when it comes to Old City. During the Eagles’ Super Bowl run, Philadelphia Style Magazine published an article about Billy Creagh. The piece features a photo of him at the Franklin Institute and reflects on his approach to Philadelphia real estate. Billy Creagh is a proud Philly native who builds the city’s value by helping businesses and residents discover new property.
  • Fun During the Portrait Session

    Billy Creagh has natural camera confidence, and while joking around, he poses with his fists up in a boxing-ready stance. Creagh is a Golden Gloves boxer and former wrestler at University of Nebraska, where he also majored in economics. Through jest and fun conversation on camera, we capture a bold photo that embodies Creagh’s athletic talent and easy-going personality. Portrait photography is successful when clients create positive connections with a photo that best represents them. When photographing Billy Creagh, our studio discusses innovative ways to capture multiple sides of his personality.
  • Portrait Photographs That Align with Luxury Philly Real Estate

    As professional photographers in Philadelphia, we capture interior and exterior photos that real estate companies use for listing upscale properties. The luxurious real estate photos that represent National Realty should align with the portrait photography that represents Billy Creagh. Upholding this consistency helps clients connect with Billy Creagh and National Realty. Every portrait session, we aim to capture photos that align with Billy Creagh’s reputation as a Philadelphia real estate broker. Establishing consistent profile portraits and real estate photos stays true to the upscale service that Creagh provides to his clients.
  • Photographing Philadelphia Real Estate Leaders

    Portrait photography is a glimpse into a subject’s story. Trailblazers in Philadelphia real estate, such as Billy Creagh, can their demonstrate leadership and convey messages easier with bold photographs. Engaging in prolific discussions with real estate clients helps our studio understand how to create photos that align with their skills and personality. It’s a pleasure to work with Billy Creagh of National Realty Old City and create portrait photography that he appreciates.
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