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A headshot is a long-term
investment in yourself.

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A Dedication to Quality for Over 40 Years


We are driven to produce the best studio headshots by applying a formal understanding of photography techniques.

Personal Attention

It is important to actively listen to each subject, address their concerns, and exclusively attend to them while on set.


Expect a seamless experience organized by a close-knit team that works alongside you from beginning to end.

The Standard Headshot Package includes:

30-45 Minute Studio Session [Per Subject]

1 Outfit and Look

Photography Post-Production

1 Retouched Digital Photograph [High-Resolution]

A La Carte Purchase Options

Your corporate Headshot
Photography Experience

Understand how our teamwork
enriches your headshot photography experience.



Enter the studio or request the team to travel to your location. We encourage clients to arrive camera-ready, but it is also advised to bring various accessories like ties or jewelry.



We strive to create a welcoming environment. Help yourself to a beverage and use our vanity mirror for finishing touches. We’ll play music to energize you while you pose for the camera.



As we photograph you, we tether our camera directly to the monitor. The photos will immediately appear on it. This enables us to view photos at a larger scale and make the necessary adjustments.



We’ll guide you through multiple poses and expressions to achieve a unique headshot that best represents you. This photo session is personalized for your needs and goals.



After capturing a wide variety of photos, we’ll briefly review them in the studio with you. This ensures that you’re satisfied with the results. If we want to focus on a favorite pose, then we’ll get you back on set to capture more.



In a few days, we will curate the best photos for you to view in a digital gallery. Select your favorite photos and provide specific directions for retouching.



All photos are retouched, color-corrected, and adjusted to fit your expectations. Our studio retouches photos until they receive direct approval from the client.



Click the cloud icon in the gallery to download your retouched photos. Show everyone the new you!

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Phil Kramer

Lead Photographer

Phil establishes the foundation of each photo. He’ll hold the camera, direct posing, control the lighting, change angles, and switch lenses. He leads with professionalism and patience.

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Mimi Janosy

Photographer + Stylist

Mimi refines the details. She’ll float around the room to change poses, generate new expressions, and tidy-up clothes. She brings a bubbly personality to set, and a keen understanding of lighting techniques.

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Evan Kramer

Equipment Assistant

Evan assembles the background, manages the equipment, and assists with production. He is the point-of-contact for communication and scheduling.

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The Retouching Transformation

Discover the capabilities of Lightroom and Photoshop. All retouching requests are met with a willingness to accommodate and fulfil.

Post-Production Techniques for Headshot Photography

Discover the capabilities of Lightroom and Photoshop. All retouching requests are met with a willingness to accommodate and fulfil.


Skin Smoothing

Teeth Whitening

Eye Enhancement

Wrinkle Reduction

Blemish Removal

Saturation Adjustment

Exposure Adjustment

Stray Hair Retouching

Glare Reduction

Hair and Make-up Services

Accentuate your natural beauty with high-quality products and expert techniques. Whether you prefer a sophisticated up-do, or loose curls, choose a hairstyle that best represents you.

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