The Importance of Wedding Photography Consultations

  • When brides shop for their wedding dress, they visit the bridal salon to try it on. Wedding photographers are the same way. You need to “try them on” to see if they fit you.
  • Meeting Your Wedding Photographers In-Person

    An hour conversation with a wedding photographer is ideal. This allows couples to cover the photography timeline and convey their needs, instead of clashing on the wedding day. Confident photographers are enthusiastic to show wedding couples their mountainous portfolio. Ask to browse wedding album samples, observe the studio aesthetic, and look at wall portraits.
  • When a couple meets a photographer, they develop a closer relationship and become more comfortable around each other. Some couples meet their photographer on the day of their wedding, but this can generate awkwardness and additional stress. Professional photographers that thrive on consultations are expressing devotion and authenticity.
  • Connect With Your Wedding Photographer

    You should always enjoy the company of your wedding photographer. Ask yourself if this photographer is someone that you want to hang out with for a while. Great wedding photographers contribute positive energy during the big day. They help couples overcome any trouble that may arise.
  • The wedding photographer is the only vendor that you remain in contact with after the big day. As a result, it is important to admire your wedding photographer because you will need to deal with this person for a long time.
  • Bringing Others to Wedding Consultations

    The bride and groom need to arrive together to feel confident about investing in a wedding photographer. As a wedding photographer, about 75% of my consultations involve only the bride and her mother. The groom should attend because he is interacting with the wedding photographer just as much as the bride. Selecting your wedding photographer should feel like a mutual decision rather than a one-sided responsibility.
  • Any key decision maker at the wedding should tag along. Key decision makers include anyone paying for the wedding. Most often, this refers to the parents. Couples splitting payments with their parents should avoid exiling them from the wedding planning. Parents should trust the photographer they’re investing in and admire this person as their children do.
  • Great Consultations Build Up The Excitement

    Successful wedding consultations generate more creative ideas and provide a meticulous timeline to ensure a stress-free event. Couples trust photographers that act as professional wedding reference guides and build upon their creative vision for the big day. Wedding photographer must ask questions to discover the photographs that their couples value, the unique story of their relationship, and their significant marriage traditions. Couples should feel like their wedding photographers understand what’s important to them.
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