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Best Wedding Photographers in South Jersey

We Capture The Very Best Wedding Photos

Think about everything you want to capture on your wedding day. Think about how you want your wedding album to show the wonderful joy of your South Jersey wedding day. You want to remember the laughter, the smiles, that special moment when you and your partner share vows, and how everyone rejoiced in your wedding. You want that all-important special photo of the two of you cutting your wedding cake.

Capturing these special moments isn’t just about taking random photos. It’s about hiring professional photographers who know how to take captivating and engaging wedding photos. It’s about putting your trust in photography experts who know how to use lighting and angles to bring much-needed attention to your special day both in posed and candid images. That takes an expertise and skillset that only comes from 35 years of photography experience.

Our top wedding photographers in Cherry Hill, NJ work together to ensure every wonderful moment is documented. Every wedding photo taken reflects the joy of your special day by paying homage to how well-dressed you, your partner, and every member of your family, friends, and guests are. That takes an understanding and expertise in how to leverage lighting and poses to encapsulate every wonderful emotion.

south jersey wedding photography
wedding photographers south jersey

We Also Do Engagement Photos

Think of your wedding as a journey. Think of everything that goes into planning and experiencing that special day. Capturing that journey is what our South Jersey photographers do best. That’s why our photography services also include engagement photos and photography for other special gatherings before your wedding day.

The wedding photography services we provide our South Jersey customers start with an initial meeting at our studio. We’ll ask some important questions about your upcoming wedding and get an understanding of how you see your special day playing out.

After you’ve reserved our services, we’ll plan how we capture the excitement of your engagement party. All those perfectly taken photos will be placed inside a beautiful guestbook that you can display at your wedding. We then continue documenting wonderful moments through special gatherings, family get-togethers, and rehearsal dinners.

Before your South Jersey wedding day arrives, we’ll consult with you to ensure everything is scheduled. During this consultation, we can provide much-needed guidance on helping you select a venue – if needed. During your wedding day, all you need to do is focus on your partner. Our photographers will take care of honoring every special moment with the best photography you’ve ever seen.

We’ll continue to communicate after your wedding day, curating photographs and designing your wedding album. Once the album is completed, both of you can come with your families to our studio to enjoy the beautiful pictures. 

To recap, the process includes:

  1. Presentation and Studio Visit
  2. Reserving our services
  3. Engagement
  4. Special Gatherings
  5. Planning and Consultation
  6. Wedding
  7. Post-Production
  8. Album Consultation and Presentation


We Work With Many of the Local Wedding Venues

Our photographers have fantastic relationships with all the local wedding venues. They are very familiar with the layout of these wedding locations and how they operate. Many of our top photographers are on a first-name basis with the owners and staff at these venues.

It’s this deep understanding of these venues that allows our photographers to capture the very best photos and videos. They know the layout of these locations, how to use the lighting, and the best spots for taking great photographs.

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Elevate Your Wedding Memories With Our Expert Photography Services

Make your wedding day something to cherish forever by using our expert photography services. We’ll be there with you every step of your journey, chronicling every special moment in perfectly angled and well-lit photos and videos that showcase your joy, happiness, and love for each other. All these incredible memories will be placed inside a beautiful wedding album you’ll be able to share with friends and family.

If you want to make sure your wedding day lasts a lifetime with incredible-looking photography, contact us now.

Your special day is fast approaching. You’ve been waiting for your wedding day for as far back as you can remember. From the moment you utter, “I do”, nothing will ever compare to your wedding day. It’s a celebration of your love for your partner and all that is great in life. Capturing that love with vivid, eye-catching professional photography and cinematography will help lock in those memories forever. When South Jersey brides and grooms want to remember their special day with incredible-looking photos and engaging videos, they turn to the expertise provided by Phil Kramer.

As a professional photographer awarded the Degree of Photographic Craftsman by Professional Photographers of America (PPA), for 35 years, Phil Kramer has beautifully preserved the splendor, beauty, wonder, and love of South Jersey weddings through his exceptional photos and incredible videos. With a natural talent for immortalizing every special moment, his work stands as a testament to his skill and dedication.

From the bridesmaids, flower girl, ushers, groom, best man, bride, and every single family member, friend, and guest, Phil Kramer’s photography captures it all. The interactions between family members and guests on your wedding day will forever be preserved in stunning photos. However, it’s not just about great photography on your wedding day, but ultimately about chronicling every incredible moment leading up to your wedding in vivid, perfectly positioned photos you’ll both cherish for a lifetime.

So, what can you expect when you hire Phil Kramer for your wedding photography in Philadelphia?


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About Phil Kramer

Upon graduating from Antonelli Institute, Phil Kramer opened his photography studio in Philadelphia.

Phil began his career as a professional wedding photographer after capturing bridal fashion photos for Philadelphia Weddings. He ran an ad for wedding photography services in the magazine, and the rest is history.

Phil’s technical understanding of photography, decades of experience, and ability to anticipate the moment separates him from other wedding photographers.

Phil Kramer's style is romantic. glamorous. photojournalistic. classic. bold. natural.


Congratulations on your journey together so far!

Welcome to a new chapter with more exciting memories ahead.

As a wedding photography studio, we understand the significance of this once-in-a-lifetime moment. It is our duty to preserve your love and legacy.

We’re honored to have inspired you, and grateful for your consideration.

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Phil Kramer has experience at the top wedding venues in Philadelphia, New York, Washington D.C. and more.

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