18 Portrait Photography Prep Tips for Men and Women

  • Preparation is Key for Great Photos

    Portrait sessions with photographers are often daunting for clients because they're unsure of how to fully prepare. When clients enter my photography studio in Philadelphia, I want them to feel comfortable and ready for the camera. This short guide contains a list of tips to help men and women obtain amazing results from their portrait sessions:
  • 1. Pick clothes that define your personality, career, and special interests. 2. Plan for full body photos by selecting appropriate footwear. 3. Choose accessories that compliment your style (jewelry, scarves or pocket squares), but avoid large, distracting accessories.
  • 4. Choose colors that compliment your complexion. Select a color that provides a contrast against your skin and defines your jawline. 5. Avoid white and off-white shirts. 6. Button-down shirts and sport jackets need a moderate contrast. Use ties as an accent piece.
  • 7. Neckties or bow-ties add visual interest and a splash of color. Bring a few options along. 8. Avoid too much black. Dark colors such as brown, navy, gray, burgundy, or forest green will add warmth. 9. Make certain your clothes fit well, are comfortable, and wrinkle-free. This will make you feel more confident.
  • 10. Dark tones are flattering against dark backgrounds and create a subtle silhouette. 11. Light tones against a dark background (and vice versa) will emphasize physique. 12. Schedule haircut or coloring appointments about 2-3 days before the portrait session.
  • 13. Avoid 5 o’ clock shadow by shaving as close to your session time as possible—and don’t cut yourself! 14. Trim eyebrows, if necessary. 15. Apply moisturizer or hydration cream to dry skin and bring a small amount with you.
  • 16. Avoid exposure to harsh sunlight. This may damage skin or create awkward tan lines. 17. If you are not applying lipstick, then cherry Chapstick will enhance your lips. 18. Lipstick is last. Apply it 10-15 minutes before snapping pictures. Otherwise, it will bleed into the upside of the lip line.
  • Capturing Your Best Portrait

    As a photographer with over 35 years of professional experience, I provide these basic preparation tips to every client. Portrait photography sessions run smooth when a photographer educates their client about the behind-the-scenes process. Referring to these guidelines will help subjects remember the small details that make a big impact when photographing portraits. If you are applying these techniques to your next portrait session, consider hiring my photography services to update your profile.
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