8 Reasons to Get Married at Rodeph Shalom

  • Jewish couples planning their wedding should consider Rodeph Shalom in Philadelphia. This breathtaking synagogue elevates your ceremony, creates stunning wedding photography, and connects its visitors to spiritual Judaism. Brides planning an elegant Jewish wedding will fall in love with the key features and dazzling beauty of Rodeph Shalom.
  • 1. Luxurious Atmosphere

    Rodeph Shalom makes a magnificent first impression. The synagogue is breathtaking. The sanctuary boasts a grand ceiling with an impressive glass dome. Weddings at Rodeph Shalom feel close to God and the Judiac tradition. Rodeph Shalom transforms your wedding ceremony into a spectacle. The opulent atmosphere upholds the weight of the moment. Couples will appreciate a lifetime event occurring inside of a wonderful venue that embodies the Jewish faith. Rodeph Shalom is the equivalent of St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Philadelphia, except it is for families of the Jewish faith.
  • 2. Rich History

    Rodeph Shalom is the oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere and was founded in 1795. This synagogue is a religious monument in Philadelphia for the Jewish community. It is a symbol that celebrates the history of the early American Jewish community and connects worshippers to their memory. Rodeph Shalom is a fitting ceremony venue for wedding couples who strongly value Jewish tradition. Couples looking to integrate a piece of Jewish history into their wedding day should consider Rodeph Shalom. Rodeph Shalom is more than a place to break the glass. Jewish brides and grooms will connect to the impactful history of the synagogue as they walk down the aisle.
  • 3. Ample Parking

    Rodeph Shalom offers sufficient wedding ceremony parking for guests arriving at the synagogue by car. This venue provides handicap-friendly parking for senior citizens or physically-impaired visitors. The parking lot is easy to enter, and security guards monitor the vehicles around the clock. Rodeph Shalom comfortably accommodates 50 to 200 wedding guests. It is the best Jewish synagogue for long guest lists. The large parking lot reflects this. Couples planning their wedding ceremony in Philadelphia may encounter stressful parking hazards. Booking a wedding at Rodeph Shalom solves this problem. Guest accessibility is often an afterthought for brides and grooms, but it plays a critical role throughout the day.
  • 4. Perfect Lighting

    Great lighting creates great wedding photography. Rodeph Shalom hosts radiant natural lighting from its glass dome. It is understandable to assume this historical synagogue would feel behind the times, but that is far from true. Rodeph Shalom contains brilliant light for romantic wedding photography. The venue illuminates all the necessary spots of the room: the sanctuary altar, the aisle, and the intricate design of the ceiling. Jewish wedding couples can trust Rodeph Shalom to provide exceptional lighting during the ceremony.
  • 5. Large Bridal Suite

    The bridal suite at Rodeph Shalom is spacious enough to fit large groups as they prepare for the ceremony. The spacious bridal suite provides comfortable lounge chairs for friends to gather and enough table space for quick bites of food. Its full-length mirror helps the bride and her bridesmaids touch up every small detail before entering the sanctuary. The huge bridal suite is in the basement near the main entrance of Rodeph Shalom. This location provides quick access to the sanctuary, which is much easier on brides. Other venues have them walk long distances.
  • 6. Balcony Overlooking the Sanctuary

    Rodeph Shalom houses an upper level balcony that overlooks the sanctuary. The balcony introduces new angles and perspectives for photographers and videographers to document the wedding day story. The glory of Rodeph Shalom is best experienced from the balcony. Guests will enjoy the ceremony from above rather than the edge of the pews. The balcony makes Jewish brides and grooms feel as though they are on stage at a performance theater. The sanctuary balcony is unique to Rodeph Shalom because few synagogues in Philadelphia offer this luxury.
  • 7. Photo Opportunities on the Roof

    Rodeph Shalom offers exclusive rooftop access for couples to capture epic skyline views of Center City and Northern Liberties. Jewish couples seeking urban wedding photography will appreciate the rooftop’s privacy when posing for photos with their photographer. If the weather is pleasant after the ceremony, the Rodeph Shalom rooftop is ideal for dramatic wedding photos. Trek there after the wedding ceremony, so that the bride’s white dress avoids getting scuff marks. Jewish weddings at Rodeph Shalom are exceptional, and this ceremony venue provides more than a room to break the glass.
  • 8. Friendly Staff

    Many cathedrals, churches, and synagogues operate on heavy restrictions and want you to leave as soon as your time expires. This is the opposite at Rodeph Shalom. The rabbis are extremely friendly and super accommodating to their clients from beginning to end. Rodeph Shalom makes you feel like family and treats you with a sense of belonging. Brides, grooms, family members, and even vendors will appreciate this helpful staff. This fact alone is a convincing reason for Jewish couples to get married at this great synagogue.
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