Defining Lifestyle Photography & Understanding Its Purpose

  • Those who struggle to define the term "lifestyle photography" will often confuse it with fashion, portrait, or beauty photography. Common lifestyle photos depict models engaging in niche activities with the purpose of connecting a target audience to a story that channels their desires. Great lifestyle photography feels natural and candid; however, the planning process is meticulous and calculated. Above all else, the photography must resonate and deliver the clients’ message.
  • The Definition of Lifestyle Photography

    As a top photographer in Philadelphia for over thirty-five years, I define lifestyle photography as the artificial story of "the everyday" that captivates the dreams of a target audience. The clients’ vision drives the project, so understanding their needs will create amazing lifestyle photography. The activities found in lifestyle portraits depend on the project’s vision. These photos often shows models laying by the pool, gambling in a casino, checking into an upscale hotel, and much more.
  • Regardless of the setting, the photos must feel candid, though the photographer is posing the models. My lifestyle photography contains a chic simplicity to it. The perfect lifestyle photo looks as though it occurred naturally, which in turn, makes it more relatable. Lifestyle photographers want their viewers to seamlessly place themselves into the photo and exercise their imagination.
  • Producing Impactful Lifestyle Photography

    Failing to organize, storyboard, and correctly cast lifestyle photography projects will yield awkward portraits and cliché pitfalls. If the preparation is careless, then it will show in the photography. Lifestyle photographers must understand the story their clients want to tell. Photographers should select models with acting experience who are comfortable on-camera and capable of ad-libbing while taking small direction.
  • When models struggle on-camera, the photographer works harder to find different angles, create new movement, and tap into their confidence. The best lifestyle photographers will develop a storyboard, scout locations, understand appropriate lighting styles, guide models with clear directions, and bring positive energy to the set. Patience, technical knowledge, intricate planning, and cooperation creates better lifestyle photos.
  • Lifestyle Photography as a Client Product

    Clients come first when photographing lifestyle projects. Excellent lifestyle photographers listen to their clients to understand their product, brand, and voice. Photographers achieve this mutual understanding through picking their brain for ideas and intensive storyboarding. When lifestyle photographers disregard their clients and attach their personal vision to the project, then they are delivering a lackluster product.
  • As a professional photographer, I discover my clients’ desires through profound discussions and integrate it into my photography. Photographers need to know their clients’ goals to achieve lifestyle photos that resonate with the brand. When clients use my lifestyle photography in brochures, magazines, advertisements, billboards, or in stock imagery, it is uplifting to know the photos resonate with their brand. Lifestyle photography is the bridge between company and consumer. It is an exciting way to collaborate with clients to create photos that match their goals and elevate their brand identity.
  • Considering a Lifestyle Photographer

    Phil Kramer Photo is a lifestyle photography studio in Philadelphia with expertise in commercial projects, upscale events, and glamorous portraits. If you are searching for a lifestyle photographer who is eager to tap into your creative needs, then consider hiring our studio for your next project.
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